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  • Syed Mansur Hashim

    Assistant Editor, The Daily Star

  • China's march towards electric vehicles

    The world is still playing catch up with China when it comes to electric vehicles (EVs). According to the Forbes magazine, Chinese manufacturers produced and sold 770,000 EVs in 2017, which is a jump of about 53 percent over 2016.
  • We have wind for power

    The American National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has found that we have potential pockets of wind that can be used to make energy.
  • Will the Iran sanctions work?

    Last month, a flotilla of ships carrying more than 20 million barrels of Iranian oil headed off to China's north-eastern Dalian port in a bid to stave off the impending US sanctions that just came into effect on November 4.
  • Death by water

    Four-year-old Sohel (not his real name) used to live in a small village in Sherpur. A bundle of energy, he was the apple of everyone's eyes in his family.
  • Moving away from coal isn't easy

    Environm-entalists will disagree, but dependence on coal for energy is increasing, not decreasing in Asia. Back in the late '40s, climate change hadn't set in and economic realities dictated establishment of an industrial base at the cost of the environment in countries like China and India—major consumers of coal for energy.