Syed Abul Maksud | The Daily Star
  • Syed Abul Maksud

    Noted journalist, columnist, research scholar, essayist, and writer. He was awarded the Bangla Academy Award in 1995 for his contribution to Bengali literature.

  • A fearless voice of reason

    Abul Mansur Ahmad excelled in each of his professions as writer, journalist and politician, and such was his honesty that he worked without pitting one profession against the other.
  • The Liberation War and the Provisional Government

    In the wake of the crackdown on March 25, the Awami League leaders felt bereft and were left to their devices. Senior leaders fled from their houses to take shelter either in remote villages or in India. Among them was the Awami League General Secretary Tajuddin Ahmed. The Indian authorities gave them safety and shelter. On the evening of April 1, Tajuddin and Barrister Amirul Islam were put aboard a Russian-

    As a lawyer, he earned a lot, but at the end, he died a pauper. He was never found lacking in helping workers of his party and friends. He was a man of character and great intellect.
  • Portrait of a Patriot

    Tajuddin Ahmad, the prime minister of the provisional government-in-exile, would have been 90 this year.
  • The Boat and the BNP-Jamaat

    The election symbol of the Awami League is a boat; interestingly, AL now resembles a boat as big as Noah's Ark as it accommodates anybody from any party, irrespective of political colour and ideology.