Sharmin Rahman

Group Creative Director, Asiatic JWT


Contrary to an iconic line of a very popular TV series, WINTER IS GONE, and with it, gone are the days of a season full of fresh, succulent green produce.

The making of motifs

This non-fiction is a comprehensive documentation of the ancient Jamdani motifs, with introductions, sources, explanations, line drawings, images and anecdotes attached to them; making it a holy grail for design students, textile and fashion designers, artisans, weavers, researchers, fashion entrepreneurs and craft enthusiasts.

Discover Delicious

There is a common saying that you cannot be a Bangladeshi without the spices, herbs and masalas! Extensively used in Southeast Asian cooking, a deshi meal is never complete without the use of spices. Masalas have been used in this region to flavour food for eons.

Veggies: Vivacious and Vibrant

Throw away all your prior notions of vegetables being dietary and guilt-free. Because, your humble everyday vegetables can be turned into ultimate guilty pleasures, giving meat a run for its money!

Mango Mania

Jackfruit may have made it to the national list as THE fruit but it's the mango that won the hearts of the Bangladeshis in large number.

The age of eggs

Did you know that eggs could help you lose weight? This might come as a surprise to those who think of eggs as 'fattening' but a study by the Rochester Center for Obesity Research showed that eating eggs for breakfast helps limit your calorie intake all day;


The joy of making your own bread is just overwhelming. The thick outer crust and soft pillow-like inside of freshly baked bread is like a blessing...

Something warm, something fuzzy

Winter is here and so are the 'pitha-poolies.' Indulge your taste buds to the fullest with these 'deshi' delights, but also heat up your oven and treat yourself with some baked goodies.

Bake your own bread

Simpler the food, happier the tummy; you can be happy with simple food only if the item is freshly cooked or freshly baked!

A baking challenge

Baking is the new unchained melody for urban women (and some men) in my opinion, of course for those who want or like to cook.

Easy bake

The art of home cooking lies in spontaneity and ease. You bring out things from the fridge and cook it in easy steps while managing other household chores,