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  • Robots to deal with bombs

    Two bomb-disposal robots would soon be used in Bangladesh for busting explosive-stashed militants' dens where the risk of death lurks in every corner.
  • Paralysed, yet implicated

    One is an 85-year-old paralysed man who cannot move out of his bed by himself. Another left the country for Malaysia in February and is still there. Two others are hajj pilgrims -- one of them returned home just yesterday while the other is still to come back.
  • Cases too puzzling

    Implicated in three “false cases” and tired of police harassment, Ahad Khalifa was desperately looking for a break.
  • Police logo

    A case, many questions

    Luthful Haque was treated at Labaid hospital in the capital's Dhanmondi for seven days from August 4 for hypertension, diabetes and kidney complications.
  • Photo albums are all they have

    A photo album is all Tasin has to see his father.