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  • BSF killled Felani Khatun

    BSF troops enjoy total impunity

    Kabirul Hossain Molla’s offence was that he trespassed on Indian soil near the border in Satkhira on May 10. He wanted to bring some packs of tea leaves.
  • Deaths in ‘shootouts’ on the rise

    Despite concerns from rights defenders home and abroad, deaths in “crossfire” continues to rise in the country with 170 people killed in so-called gunfights since January.
  • Frightening phone calls

    Traders in Dhaka's Kachukhet area get ‘death sentence’ over phone if they dare turn down the demand of the caller. Many listed criminals are demanding and taking extortion money from businessmen and traders in some parts of the city, police say.
  • 8 days in jail for crime he knew nothing about

    Suddenly one day, he came to know that he has a second wife. He was also told he even tortured that woman for her father’s failure to pay him Tk 1 lakh in dowry. Sazzadul Haque, executive director of Barishal-based Zam-Zam Nursing Institute, was in utter shock and disbelief when he was told
  • Dhaka streets to come under electronic traffic surveillance

    Traffic police are going for centralised and remote monitoring of traffic rule violations in the capital from June, with around 100 specialised close-circuit cameras being installed on 28km stretch of roads between Abdullahpur of Uttara and Kajla of Jatrabari.