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  • Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mohammad Javed Patwary

    Disposal of 35 Lakh Pending Cases: Cops for joint meet with judges, PPs

    Director General of Rab Benazir Ahmed yesterday suggested that a joint meeting be held with all judges of lower courts, all public prosecutors (PPs) and police to identify ways to dispose of around 35 lakh cases pending with lower courts for trial.
  • Police want postings on deputation

    Police have demanded postings on deputation in the Anti-Corruption Commission, Department of Narcotics Control (DNC), BRTA, and BIWTA to look after the enforcement and investigation activities of those organisations.
  • Police Week 2020: Demands pile up, unimplemented

    Yet again, the police are going to place at least a dozen demands during this year’s Police Week though more than two dozen demands raised in the last two years remain largely unimplemented, say insiders.
  • Only capable cops to get vital posts

    Amid widespread allegations of political influence, bribery, and nepotism in policemen getting posts, the authorities have formulated a draft guideline to make sure competent officers with repute get the posts they deserve.
  • Police logo

    Names of 118 police, Rab personnel proposed for police medals

    The Police Headquarters propose names of 118 police and Rab personnel, which is the lowest in the last five years, for prestigious police medals.