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  • Paralysed, yet implicated

    One is an 85-year-old paralysed man who cannot move out of his bed by himself. Another left the country for Malaysia in February and is still there. Two others are hajj pilgrims -- one of them returned home just yesterday while the other is still to come back.
  • Cases too puzzling

    Implicated in three “false cases” and tired of police harassment, Ahad Khalifa was desperately looking for a break.
  • Bangladesh Police Superintendent Promotion in 2018

    A case, many questions

    Luthful Haque was treated at Labaid hospital in the capital's Dhanmondi for seven days from August 4 for hypertension, diabetes and kidney complications.
  • Photo albums are all they have

    A photo album is all Tasin has to see his father.
  • 21 August Attack: Justice in sight after 14 years

    With over 300 splinters inside his body, all Suranjit Sengupta wanted until his death was justice for the August 21 grenade attack. "I want justice," said the Awami League leader in tears while testifying before a court in 2015, eleven years after the attack on an AL rally that left 24 people killed and over 300 wounded.