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  • If we romanticised sunny days like rainy ones

    It's been months since the sun peeked from behind the clouds, clearing the gloominess that clung to the atmosphere and sucking up the tea puddles from the roads.
  • Struggles you face at swimming lessons

    While swimming can get you ashore and save your life when that boat sinks, it does not come to you automatically. Many people get to learn swimming by floating with coconuts or whatever at their home village, or maybe by enrolling into a professional course at a certified swimming pool establishment. If it's the latter, here are some struggles you are likely to face (or have faced) after joining the classes.
  • Downsides of one (almost) successful robbery

    The Primetime Emmy Award nominee Christina Hendricks has that unique charm of confusing anyone in Good Girls. You never know when she is joking and when her head is steaming.
  • Water for birds

    Most months in the city were hot. One competed with another. As though they were trying to see which one of them sizzled more.
  • Getting into the habit of writing

    Whether it's about getting into your favourite publication or being admired for creatively expressing your thoughts, the habit of writing surely invites good things. Once you have developed the habit, it can be a gateway from the loudness around you while being added as a new skill to your cart. Developing the habit, however,