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  • Shah Tazrian Ashrafi

  • Of war and its aftermath

    If you lived in Rwanda during the 20th century, you would often be asked about your tribe. It could either be the majority Hutu or the minority Tutsi. Back then, they used to coexist with the rising tensions among them.
  • A day on the Shitalakhya

    Though it's a sunny Friday morning, the concrete Gulistan flyover renders the landscape gunmetal, where I'm to meet Shohag Mohajon, the manager of Clean River Bangladesh. Almost 20 minutes of miscommunication later, I manage to find him in a sea of speedy civilians. We exchange greetings and get on the waiting bus.
  • Things you shouldn't miss about school

    If you are someone who is done with school and still reminisces about the old memories for the sake of nostalgic pleasure, you should take notes from this article because we all know that your 'school kid' version dreaded many things about school despite repeating often how you took that life for granted.
  • What it's like being the broke one in your squad

    Being the broke friend usually means being dragged down back to the ground by your empty wallet while trying to fly in the “financially stable” sky, hoping to splurge on food with friends, it also means becoming a machine that churns worn-out excuses every time something fun is planned.
  • Space Turtle

    The plastic bag was somehow separated from its diverse herd floating in the Caribbean. After the separation, it became a lone traveller, a sea nomad. Its pearly white, transparent skin blessed it with the feature of a jellyfish.