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  • Shah Tazrian Ashrafi

  • Season of the Black Leopard

    Black. Glossy in the moonlight. Its white whiskers asserting an implicit, involuntary dominance. Its supple body effortlessly sliding up and down the teak trees that are abundant here. A shadow – a dark emissary of the night – drifting among the plant kingdom like a fugitive.
  • Education 101: The New Normal?

    Freshman year is when students expect to navigate through the untouched terrains of a new environment and educational system. It is also considered a time when academic pressure is the least. However, due to Covid-19, the present and the future look very different for the newly admitted.
  • Wild Wild East

    In the 1950s, giddy with the glory of a blood-soaked independence, Bollywood churned out films that were high on “Nehruvian nationalism”.
  • On the frontlines: How health-care workers are grappling with the pandemic in Dhaka

    “My senior, junior doctors and I need your prayers,” Dr. Shawkat Osman, the C.A. of surgery Unit-5 at DMCH, writes in his Facebook post.
  • Coronavirus and the politics of xenophobia

    Airports beef up security, a ship full of passengers remains quarantined and docked at Yokohama, while racism takes root and flourishes under the shadow of an outbreak.