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  • Sarah Anjum Bari

    Sarah Anjum Bari is a ravisher of caffeine and prose, with a heart that lives in Parisian cafes.

  • On Kabir Singh A three-hour dose of Stockholm syndrome

    About one-third of the way through in Kabir Singh, which is now out on Netflix, the protagonist (Shahid Kapoor) charges into a college campus with his girlfriend Preeti (Kiara Advani).
  • How to look after a book

    Too often, we perceive books as invincible, inanimate objects. But their history is as ancient as it is ambiguous—what is a book
  • The One About Friends

    Seven thirty pm on Star World was when it began for me. I was young—too young to be watching Monica and Chandler kiss, to get
  • More than a glimpse into a culture

    Celestial Bodies is the kind of novel you hesitate to call “historical”. It’s entirely too personal. Recalling the time of his father’s death,

    A tiny red gate jostles for space among shops, apartments, and the flurry of traffic in Block F of Lalmatia in Dhaka. Like the name