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  • Sarah Anjum Bari

    Sarah Anjum Bari is a ravisher of caffeine and prose, with a heart that lives in Parisian cafes.

  • WORLD BOOK DAY: What is a book, anyway?

    In the Palace Museum of present-day Beijing, 10 stones of about 90 cm height and 60 cm diameter contain some ancient Chinese symbols.
  • Turning the tide with images

    Shahidul Alam’s The Tide Will Turn (2019) is a book of absences. In the aftermath of the road safety student movement in 2018, those of us who followed Alam’s arrest and the ensuing global backlash will remember the letter he received from writer and activist Arundhati Roy.
  • ANWARA KHATUN: The outspoken voice

    “A nation that does not respect its mothers is destined for destruction.”
  • Freedoms, restraints, inspirations: Life in digital art

    A glance at most of our newspaper and magazine pages, local art galleries, Facebook and Instagram communities, and even films and corporate campaigns reveals a thriving independent art scene.
  • Beyond the book—this is how the youth read

    Those of us who love literature are haunted by an ever-looming threat: that reading as a practice around the world is dwindling.