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  • Sania Aiman

  • The scent of rain

    The breeze that heralds rain has a different smell —a rich soothing aroma, instantly evocative of wet earth, and unbridled joy of feeling the first drops of much anticipated rain, cooling droplets cutting the dominance of a blazing sun, or increasing the mystique of a pitch black silent night.
  • Little Asia: Asia’s greatest hits

    There is nothing that brings people close like food, and the Asian cuisine can boast perhaps the largest variety of goodies; spicy, savoury, and scrumptious.
  • The versatile short kameez

    The first time I became aware of fashion trends, sometime in my early teens, it was because this picture of a pristine white kameez with delicate beige embroidery on the neckline, sleeve hems, and the side slits caught my eye, and I wanted it so badly for that Eid.
  • A village fair

    As our lives move away from our rural agrarian roots, more and more traditions that were quintessential to the Bengali experience are slowly lost.
  • A belle’s love for bangles

    What is there to not like about a wristful of gently clinking glass bangles? Nothing!