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  • The prodigal son of Bangla literature: Michael Madhusudan Datta

    While the great playwrights of various cultures wrote drama, Bengal Michael Madhusudan Datta truly lived it in his single-minded, flawed, but ultimately successful odyssey to greatness.
  • Looking in, through the glass

    But being denied an attainable dream, simply for your gender, or some prejudice enshrined in cultural heritage and traditions, can often feel terribly unfair and discouraging. One common manifestation of this phenomena can be termed as the glass ceiling, an amalgamation of the invisible and irrational barriers to women’s growth in the work place.
  • Branding Bangladesh, one good brand at a time

    With advances in local manufacturing, nearly all aspects of a consumer’s needs are easily met, without compromising on quality or taste! A simple systematic approach could easily demonstrate the sheer development in variety of local manufacturing and its impact on citizen mindset.
  • The GI factor: Marking what is truly ours

    What GI enlistment or tag does is that it allows customers and producers to create trust and confidence on the product’s authenticity and quality in internal or external markets. It helps create a reputation of the product, facilitating fairer prices and access to lager markets for the producers.
  • What real women think, what real women do

    “A whole generation worked to raise empowered women, but forgot to teach men to live with empowered women.”