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  • Close to the breast: Discussing breast cancer with Prof Dr Anisur Rahman

    October is marked as Breast Cancer Awareness Month globally every year. Then what better time than now to talk to an expert in this field?
  • Back Home at United Hospital Dr A M Shafique

    Conversations during appointments with United Hospital’s doctor A M Shafique usually go in a more serious vein — troubles of the heart that have nothing to do with romance. However, beyond the efficient and busy personas of doctors,
  • Stress of the Zoom times

    One of the programmes that suddenly came to light in the new normal is Zoom. Although just one of such platforms like Teams, Hangout,
  • The good, the bad, the ugly of distance learning

    One of the key changes wrought into the fabric of our lives after the coronavirus outbreak has been regarding education and the prevailing systems of education.
  • Beni Boonon: Braiding jute and magic

    Beni, or braids, invoke in my mind lustrous locks of hair, strands intertwined, to make intricate artistic patterns. The same idea translates to beautifully textured rugs, at Beni Boonon – worked on by 300 women artisans in a cottage industry in Savar.