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  • A tribute to Satyajit Ray on his 99th birth anniversary

    In 1950, Satyajit Ray, a young graphic designer at the time, set out to make a full-length film with his savings, without any experience in filmmaking. After years of financial and other struggles, he finally finished his first film in a trilogy, Pather Panchali (1955), one of the most iconic tales in Bengali cinema. Ray won a special jury prize at the Cannes Film Festival the following year.
  • Behind the lights, camera and action

    In a shooting unit for a film or television project, there are crew members whose contribution and hard work are fundamental to the production’s success.
  • Speaking for the voiceless

    Dr Md Luthfor Rahman, a veterinary surgeon at Central Veterinary Hospital and Afzal Khan, widely known as Robin Hood – The Animal Rescuer, recently raised awareness on the Coronavirus pandemic, and debunked some of the most circulated myths about the issue.
  • Programmes postponed as precaution for coronavirus

    From the biggest international concerts and conferences to the smallest community gatherings, organisers are either cancelling, postponing or rescheduling the events over public health concerns due to coronavirus.
  • Shammi’s inspirational journey to Uttoron

    The transgender community are prone to discrimination and stigmatisation in our conservative society. Our constitution acknowledges all people as equal under the law. But unfortunately, the reality is quite different.