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  • When hope is all we sell and buy

    Abdus Sattar (not his real name) is his able assistant. Although unlettered, over the years, Sattar bhai has learned to recognise books, differentiate the pocket watch from the compass, and identify replicas from the antic; he also tirelessly obliges to our every whim for a cup of steaming tea as we rendezvous for a routine session of evening chit chat.
  • A kicking mule!

    I am guilty as sin; an unabashed, bona fide enthusiast on donkeys and everything related to the animal. My browser marks hundreds of website links, I maintain a small library, and I regularly communicate with other enthusiasts from across the world.
  • A long story of the short kameez

    Ayub was a charismatic fellow. He was the one to dine with the Camelots and western allies, and engage in fierce battles with eastern foes.