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  • BNP Election Campaign

    BNP out of scene

    Stepping into Chuadanga on Sunday afternoon, the first thing that stood out was the absence of “sheaf of paddy”, the electoral symbol of the BNP.
  • Waterlogging problem in Chattogram

    The curse of Agrabad

    Some locals now keep boats, not cars, in their garages. Before going out to work, people here always check the tide schedules. During the high tide, businesses come to a grinding halt while students attend classes sitting on high benches as the ground floors of schools go under knee-deep water.
  • Nothing to worry about Assam NRC

    For Bangladeshis, there is nothing to fear about Assam's National Register of Citizens (NRC), Indian Minister of State for External Affairs General Vijay Kumar Singh (Rtd) said yesterday.
  • Dengue fever in Bangladesh

    Dengue risk rising

    The graphs look chilling. A red line sharply shooting north, crossing a purple, a yellow, a blue and a green. “That's what dengue looks like this year,” said Dr Ayesha Akhter, in-charge of disease control room at the directorate of health, pointing to the red line representing the number of patients this year.
  • Furious Padma threatens Naria

    This Padma is not the river they know. At Naria of Shariatpur, 20km from the Padma Bridge construction site, it has changed abruptly for sure. Once relatively calm and quiet in the area, it turned into an all-devouring river in just a few years.