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  • Nusrat Jahin Angela

  • Reveling in Simplicity

    He was a rain maker, sitting in prayer, beckoning rain, while she churned the soil under the blazing sun.
  • Ear Candies from teachers

    When it comes to bad news, teachers are best at delivering them to us. Starting with surprise tests, pop quizzes, lengthy assignments

    Another reason why Hasin doesn't completely dislike winter is coffee.
  • Rare Art Styles You Should Know About

    Art is a vast topic. There are really no characteristics which define art. It can range from sketching, colouring to sculpturing.
  • White Dreams and Cotton Flake Smiles

    Hasin doesn't like winter. He hates the snow, which is whiter than his pale skin. The snowflakes that plague the streets and the trees and every other place Hasin settles his eyes on are like feathers shed by a disgraced angel from heaven.