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  • Nuren Iftekhar

  • Sword, Shield and Controversy

    After E3 there was a list for the most controversial reveals based on the reactions of each YouTube video. Surprisingly on top of the list was Pokémon Sword and Shield. The tremendous amount of interest and hype that surrounds the release of a mainline Pokémon
  • E3 2019: A Different Spectacle

    Despite Sony’s decision to pull out this year and the growing discontent in the gaming industry in general, E3 2019 has been an event full of hype and anticipation. The fewer bells and whistles and a heavier focus on games and hardware were a welcome change. This is how the E3
  • Dawn and Diatribe

    The paper I slept on clung to the corner of my mouth. My mouth felt bitter, as if the protagonist in my story had just been betrayed by the love of his life.
  • Why lungi needs to make a comeback

    What defines 'perfect' apparel? Is it the comfort it brings? Or perhaps it is the aesthetic it brings to your everyday look? Or maybe it's the protection it can give you to survive a nuclear winter?
  • It's 2019

    If you have been walking around the wondrous streets of Dhaka this year only to bump into a careless deviant with a phone in his hand and his mind somewhere else, then I'm afraid that individual might have been me. Before you launch into a barrage of scathing criticism, I want you to hear my story.