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  • Nuren Iftekhar

  • Empty Room with Cardboard Boxes

    A PhD student pursuing higher education writes about "fitting in".
  • The mango-powered superhero you need to know about

    Of all the notable works done on visual media in our country, Shabash by Mighty Punch Studio came as a welcome surprise to me. From the tone of storytelling to the beautiful visuals, Mighty Punch Studios paint a unique stroke.
  • False Positive × Masks

    The light that drenched the man on the rooftop had no warmth to it. The light shifted and morphed with the changing visuals on the billboard,
  • Sword, Shield and Controversy

    After E3 there was a list for the most controversial reveals based on the reactions of each YouTube video. Surprisingly on top of the list was Pokémon Sword and Shield. The tremendous amount of interest and hype that surrounds the release of a mainline Pokémon
  • E3 2019: A Different Spectacle

    Despite Sony’s decision to pull out this year and the growing discontent in the gaming industry in general, E3 2019 has been an event full of hype and anticipation. The fewer bells and whistles and a heavier focus on games and hardware were a welcome change. This is how the E3