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  • Three apps to prepare you for the GRE

    GRE or Graduate Record Examination is a prerequisite exam for those who want to go for higher studies in a range of universities in the US and in some of the most prestigious universities in Canada and Australia.
  • Contemporary Bangla movies to binge watch over the weekend

    The story portrays the intersecting lives of people coming from different social classes as they travel together on a steamship. The plot unfolds when their buried secrets and lustful desires start to unfold. The film has been nominated for this year’s Bangladesh National Film Awards in multiple categories.
  • Sexism in the workplace

    Gone are the days when sexism in the workplace was normalised, leading to a huge wage disparity along with all sorts of discrimination against women. Bangladesh is currently the country with the lowest gender pay gap among the lower middle income countries, according to ILO Global Wage Report 2018. But women, even till this day, are subject to a lot of sexist practices in their workplaces, which stem from the patriarchal thoughts and views that have been deeply rooted in our society for many years.
  • Target marketing through data science and how to build a career around it

    From a target marketing perspective, the job of a data scientist is to gain insights on the products, craft product recommendations and use data to improve existing products.
  • Utilising the best online courses available: Part 2

    Online courses have appealed to people globally due to their autonomous learning characteristics. In the second part of the series, we will introduce you to some of the most popular learning sites, offering a wide range of courses for people from all backgrounds.