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  • Muntakim Saad

  • ‘Strict’ Lockdown

    If one goes out in the streets of Dhaka, they might mistake the ongoing “strict lockdown” for a public transportation strike -- after all, all sorts of vehicles are plying the streets, save for buses. At some points of the city, there was enough congestion of vehicles and people to cause traffic jams.
  • Oxygen supply stretched to limit

    Supply of medical oxygen to public hospitals is under strain as the demand for the life-sustaining gas has doubled over the last few weeks, posing new challenges in the battle against the second wave of the coronavirus infections.
  • ‘Give us food, then enforce lockdown’

    As the “lockdown” was extended for seven more days from April 22 to 28, labourers living from hand to mouth feared the distresses that lay ahead.
  • Lockdown in Capital: More people, more chaos mark fifth day

    Despite an alarming surge in Covid-19 deaths, people continued to defy restrictions on movement as a higher number of people and vehicles were
  • Fourth Day of Lockdown: Daily wage earners come out to streets

    Before the first phase of restrictions following the surge of Covid-19 cases, Md Bablu (23) used to drive buses in the port city. He came to the