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  • Muntakim Saad

  • Enforced Disappearance in Bangladesh

    A thousand days of wait

    Apart from eyes that fight weariness, each of them has one thing in common: they are all waiting for their husbands -- who had gone missing years ago in a notorious spate of enforced disappearances.
  • No lesson learnt

    It seems the lessons have not learnt been yet. Six months have passed since the devastating Chawkbazar fire, and Old Dhaka is still sitting on a ticking time bomb as chemical warehouses continue to operate -- mostly in residential buildings -- due to lack of action by the authorities concerned.
  • Faulty gas pipes fed the blaze

    Illegal gas connections via plastic pipes helped Friday night’s fire spread faster, razing almost the entire slum at Mirpur’s Chalantika, fire service officials said.
  • Ravaged by fire, buried in despair

    The scenes at Chalantika slum resemble those from a wasteland in a dystopia.
  • 1 Year of Road Safety Demo: 22 students still tangled up in cases

    Students who took to the streets last year for safer roads could not achieve what they had set out to do, but now many of them have to appear before courts almost every month as the police accused them of vandalism.