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  • Mostafa Yousuf

  • Industrial waste killing Halda fish

    Hundreds of dead fish have been floating in the Halda river near the port city over the last few days following a suspected pollution by factories on its banks.
  • Heavy rain sends parts of port city under water

    Incessant downpour since Sunday morning till yesterday noon submerged parts of the port city in knee to waist deep water, immobilising movement in the city and causing residents to suffer immensely.
  • Eid joy for street children

    Can you imagine buying a new piece of clothing at Tk 5 in 2018?
  • Forsaken, they live in danger

    Eleven years into the massive landslide in Chittagong that left 127 dead, the government is yet to rehabilitate those still vulnerable to the disaster.
  • Stone Mining in Hills: 200 streams in peril

    Unrestrained stone extraction in at least 200 streambeds strewn across the hills of Bandarban is jeopardising the livelihoods of 11 ethnic groups and taking a toll on the biological diversity of the forest, according to a study.