Mohammad Rashedul Alam

MFS helping Bangladesh become digital economy

Vision 2021, commonly known as Digital Bangladesh, one of the long-term socioeconomic development goals of the country, was unveiled more than a decade ago, and initiatives were taken accordingly by the government.

Affordable online learning to ensure efficient human capital for future

Bangladesh, the world’s eighth most populous country, has a very youthful population with currently about 34 per cent being under the age of 15.

Use artificial intelligence, machine learning for efficient relief management

Bangladesh located to the north-east of South Asia is one of the disaster-prone areas of the region as well the world due to its geographical characteristics, complex topographical features, excessive and mighty river system, monsoon climate and the coastal morphology.

Efficient logistics network a must to boost e-commerce post pandemic

The journey of e-commerce started in Bangladesh almost 30 years ago in the late 90s with gift sites targeting the non-resident Bangladeshis.

Concerted efforts key to economic recovery

The ongoing Covid-19 crisis inspires plenty of comparisons to the 1918 flu, also known as the Spanish flu, that took place more than a century ago and is often referred to as the mother of all pandemics.

Household chores can teach important life skills

If we run a survey of the two most-talked topics of 2020, without much doubt Covid-19 and lockdowns will be among the tops.

Supply chain to help revive battered economy

The novel coronavirus originated in China, the global supply chain hub, in late December and has since rapidly spread to all corners of the world, affecting hundreds of thousands of people and imposing significant economic implications.