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  • Mohammad Jamil Khan

  • Amphetamine Smuggling: Stopover Dhaka

    A group of chemical traders in Chennai are found to be the kingpins of amphetamine smuggling from India through Dhaka, according to an investigation by the Department of Narcotics Control.
  • The art of cargo theft

    A syndicate has long been stealing imported goods after breaking the locks of containers at the Mongla Port and selling those in the local market, a DB investigation found.
  • Govt changes, but his ‘magic’ goes on

    The rise of Monir Hossain, also known as Golden Monir, over almost two decades was unaffected by regime change because he knew how to keep high-ups in the Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha and the housing and public works ministry happy.
  • 34 robbers give up arms, surrender

    At least 34 members of 11 robbery gangs yesterday surrendered their weapons to Rab-7 at Chattagram’s Banshkhali Adarsha High School.
  • 53 Uzi Pistols: Detectives looking for users’ info

    Detectives are now gathering details of those who own Uzi pistols; military-grade semi-automatic weapons imported in the absence of monitoring by the authorities.