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  • Top 2018 smartphones for that perfect shot

    Cameras and pictures have evolved from luxury to necessity in a matter of decades. And the technology just keeps on shrinking. From bulky mechanical devices on stands with a handheld flash to a tiny sensor on a device on the palm of our hands, the camera has come a long way. And in 2018, it has reached a point where a smartphone seems more convenient than a DSLR. Here are our picks for the best smartphones with excellent camera performance from 2018.
  • Apple WWDC 2018: What’s New

    One of the biggest events of the year in tech world is Apple's WWDC 2018 event, where Apple reveals brand new products for the
  • Making the most out of the internet

    Internet plays an integral role in our everyday lives. Apart from international services, several national services have already popped up in Bangladesh which give more and more utilities from the internet.
  • Joy

    TOP SEVEN OF 2017

    In the IT landscape, 2017 has been a roller coaster ride. We saw few startups take off, we saw multimillion dollar tech businesses