Mohammad Al-Masum Molla

Mohammad Al-Masum Molla

Multimedia journalist with nearly 10 years’ experience in mainstream media in Bangladesh with a background in investigative journalism and environmental, political and human rights reporting.

Political dialogues: The long road to nowhere

The problem in Bangladesh is that politicians consider compromise as a weakness and a sign of defeat

2d ago

Movement, not polls

The BNP’s grassroots leaders have suggested the top leadership that the party should not take part in any polls under the incumbent government.

4d ago

What BNP discussed with Indian envoy

A BNP delegation told Indian High Commissioner Pranay Verma that without a non-partisan interim government in place, it would not join any polls.

5d ago

Dhaka, a victim of poor governance

If government officials were held responsible and accountable for every incident, things would have been corrected much earlier.

1w ago

Govt agencies must be held accountable

After every fire and blast incidents, all fingers are pointed at the building and factory owners.

1w ago

Building fire hazards: A city strewn with ticking time bombs

The recent incidents are similar to other cases seen over the years. The causes were electric short circuit, accumulation of gas in a confined space, and poorly maintained air conditioning units

1w ago

Fire At Rohingya Camps: Many pointing at conflict between Arsa, RSO

Sunday’s fire that made 12,000 stateless Rohingyas homeless in a Cox’s Bazar refugee camp was the result of enmity between armed groups Arsa and RSO, said sources inside the camp. 

2w ago

Ctg, CHT major hubs, Dhaka key destination

Chattogram and the three hill districts are the main hubs of wildlife trade in Bangladesh, according to a recent study.

2w ago

Khaleda Zia in politics: Missed chance for BNP?

The BNP’s current risk-averse behaviour is not conducive to running a successful campaign

3w ago

US, India, and the election in Bangladesh

The foreign diplomats appear to have become more active with the 12th parliamentary election less than a year away.

3w ago

Debate if Khaleda can do Politics: Her health more pressing question

Amid conflicting statements from ministers over the legality of BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia getting involved in politics, a more pressing question comes to the fore: whether she is physically fit enough to become active in politics.

3w ago

Uprooted from a life once stable

Mehedi Hasan Mohon knew his life would never be the same when the Russia-Ukraine war began a year ago.

3w ago

Presidential election, AL strategy and the next polls

The nomination of a president is not to be taken lightly.

AL's counter-programmes reveal its own insecurities

Announcing counter-programmes on the same day as the BNP, and often at a venue close to the BNP’s, raises the possibility of tension at best and outright violence at worst.

Hell was breaking loose: Bangladeshi student

Faysal Mahmud, a final-year comparative theology student at Gaziantep University, was dozing off in his dormitory room when the 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Turkey.

Hell was breaking loose

Faysal Mahmud, a final-year comparative theology student at Gaziantep University, was dozing off in his dormitory room when the 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Turkey.

By-Poll Drama, Hero Alom, and a Smart Bangladesh

Election Commission’s capacity to hold free and fair elections questioned.

Argentina may open embassy in Dhaka next month

Argentine Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Trade, and Worship Santiago Andrés Cafiero is likely to visit Bangladesh on February 26 or 27.

Tambru Border: Verification of Rohingyas begins today

The government is going to start from today the verification of the Rohingyas who took shelter in Bandarban’s Naikhongchhari upazila amid armed fighting on the no-man’s-land near Tambru border since January 19.

Special treatment for AL is the new norm

Can a political party – regardless of whether they are in power or in opposition – use public property to attend a party rally?

Protest Programmes: BNP plans to get back momentum

Fearing that their programmes are losing steam, top BNP leaders are considering new programmes that would bring back the pace to the movement for national election under a non-partisan interim administration.

Two by-polls, 29 years apart – yet so similar?

After around three decades, if we look back at that fateful by-election of Magura, we would realise that the situation has not changed much.

Tambru tense as Rohingya groups clash

Tension has been high along Tambru border in Bandarban as gun battle between two Rohingya militant groups resumed yesterday morning at a refugee camp on the no-man’s-land.

BNP’s Caretaker Movement: Final phase when Dhaka units ready

The BNP wants to make a final push to realise its demand for holding the next general election under a neutral caretaker administration only after the top brass finds the party’s Dhaka city units fully prepared for an all-out movement.

What's eating away at AL's bedrock?

An embarrassing stage collapse could well be an ominous sign of the party’s bedrock caving in.

Today’s Sit-Ins: BNP, allies aim for a show of strength

The BNP plans a spectacular turnout in today’s sit-in to send the government a message that there is no alternative to a caretaker administration for the next election.

Can Bangladeshi politics change its spots in 2023?

To avoid confrontation, both AL and BNP must come to a consensus.

Some passengers who are not quite liking metro rail

Many people were overjoyed as the country entered a new era of transport with the launch of the metro rail, but there were some Bangladeshis who were crushed by the advent of the state-of-the-art transport service.

Dalia’s defeat: What really failed AL in Rangpur City?

Did anyone expect that the ruling party candidate would lose her security deposit or manage to bag only eight percent of the votes?

Can AL rely on its old guard to counter new challenges?

The question is whether the AL, as a ruling party, is capable of countering the opposition camp’s campaign and preparing for the upcoming election at the same time, with its old faithfuls.

Can BNP stick to its proposals for state reform?

The proposals are surely good and substantive in theory, but rather challenging for any political party to implement in practice.

Is BNP truly aiming for state reform with its 27 points?

Can BNP really implement these proposals or is it just an attempt at vitalising their movement?

Curbing deadly air pollution: 4 nations draw up roadmap

Four South Asian countries -- Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan -- have agreed to drastically bring down the annual average of particulate matter (PM) 2.5 in the countries’ air to 35 microgrammes per cubic metre by 2030.

BNP, allies look to wage 1-point movement

After completing its rallies in 10 divisional cities, the BNP now wants to wage a one-point movement to oust the government, uniting all like-minded opposition parties and forces.

BNP believes rallies proved its strength

After holding a series of rallies over the past two and half months, the BNP believes it has been able to change the perception that the party is not strong or organised enough to mobilise people.

All eyes glued to Golapbagh

After protracted negotiations, the BNP finally got permission for its rally today at a ground which was not its first choice by any means.

What BNP may unveil at today’s rally

The BNP is likely to announce the outline of a simultaneous movement with like-minded parties to press home its demand for an election-time caretaker government at today’s rally.

What the BNP may unveil at today's rally

The BNP is likely to announce the outline of a simultaneous movement with like-minded parties to press home its demand for an election-time caretaker government at today's rally.

‘Khela hobe’: Is our democracy our politicians’ plaything?

What game do our political leaders plan to play?

Govt having sleepless nights

The BNP yesterday said the government was in constant “fear” of the party’s December 10 rally in the capital and that it was having sleepless nights.

BNP ready for big show in own backyard

The BNP wants to show its strength by holding a successful event in Rajshahi, the last of its divisional “showdowns” ahead of the much-hyped Dhaka rally on December 10, a senior party leader said yesterday.

'Country being exposed to confrontational politics'

The BNP wants to hold the Dhaka rally in front of its Nayapaltan headquarters on December 10. But the government said the party must hold it at Suhrawardy Udyan, not Nayapaltan. Both the Awami League and the BNP are at loggerheads over the rally venue.

December 10 rally: Govt, BNP at odds over venue

The government and the BNP appear to be on a collision course over the venue of the latter’s much-talked about December 10 Dhaka rally as neither would budge on its stance.

A plot afoot to throw BNP leaders out of polls

The BNP yesterday alleged the government was conspiring to implicate its senior leaders in “false and fabricated” cases to make them ineligible for the national election “like it did to Khaleda Zia”.

Cumilla rally today: BNP faces few obstructions this time

Though BNP men faced transport strikes and obstructions ahead of most of the recent rallies in several cities, the situation in Cumilla was different before today’s rally.

Simultaneous movement: BNP may unveil outline at December 10 rally

At its December 10 rally in Dhaka, the BNP might announce the outline of a simultaneous movement with like-minded parties to press home the demand for an election-time caretaker government.

Dec 10 rally: BNP ‘has no plan to unseat government’

The BNP has no plan to oust the government from the December 10 rally in Dhaka, although some of its leaders at different times had threatened to unseat it.

July 4, 2022
July 4, 2022

Bangladesh 7th saddest nation in the world

Bangladesh has ranked seventh among the world’s angriest, saddest and most stressed nations, says a new global survey.

July 2, 2022
July 2, 2022

Floods in northeast: Worst-hit 4 lakh need rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of around four lakh people, who were worst hit by the floods and lost their homes, is the biggest challenge in the government’s recovery efforts.

June 28, 2022
June 28, 2022

Why have politicians stopped participating in relief activities?

Bangladesh has always been known as a land prone to natural disasters. Over the years, countless floods and cyclones have devastated the lives and livelihoods of its people, especially those living in marginal settings such as the coastal areas or the low-lying districts in the north and the northeast.

June 27, 2022
June 27, 2022

Floods displaced 5 lakh people in the northeast

Nearly five lakh people have faced temporary displacement during recent floods in Sylhet, Sunamganj, and seven other northeastern districts, said a report by a platform for government and non-government humanitarian agencies.

June 21, 2022
June 21, 2022

Bangladesh may witness more floods this monsoon, experts warn

Bangladesh is likely to witness more floods this monsoon, experts warn.

June 21, 2022
June 21, 2022

Message from Cumilla elections: Time for soul-searching

From a small village-level local government election to the larger parliamentary polls, every election is a learning opportunity – that’s the beauty of a working democracy.

June 20, 2022
June 20, 2022

Rohingya return: Talks get nowhere

Nearly five years into the largest Rohingya influx, the process of repatriation remains confined only to talks with the international funding declining for the forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals.

June 19, 2022
June 19, 2022

Low-lying Dhaka areas could be flooded by month-end

Bangladesh's northern and central regions are expected to face brief flooding, as water levels in the Jamuna and Teesta rivers are rising steadily.

June 18, 2022
June 18, 2022

Rohingya camps: Killings, recovery of rifle expose security risks

The three successive murders of Rohingyas last week and the recovery of a sophisticated M16 assault rifle from a Rohingya camp in Cox’s Bazar Thursday night have exposed the deteriorating law and order in the refugee shelters.

June 17, 2022
June 17, 2022

An uphill task, yet Sakku fought well

The split in the pro-BNP vote bank because of the party’s two expelled leaders running for mayor was a big advantage for the ruling Awami League candidate in the Cumilla City Corporation election.