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  • Md Shahnawaz Khan Chandan

  • An academician with a vision

    Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU) started its journey in 2006 with four departments, 13 teachers and 180 students.
  • A River Dies in Kurigram

    “Is there a river called Jinjirum that’s a trans-boundary river? Are you sure about its name? Is it the name of the locality or the river? I haven’t even heard about it,” says a high-ranking official of the northern zone of Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB), when we asked him about different issues faced by this river and the communities dependent on it.
  • The Long March of a Protester

    Mizanur Rahman, long-time resident of Dhaka’s Jurain neighbourhood, hit the headlines last month with his bold and innovative
  • Workers Safety

    Is Bangladesh’s remediation programme ready to take on Accord’s work?

    After the fateful Rana Plaza disaster on April 24, 2013, a legally binding agreement between European buyers, retailers, and labour unions was signed to maintain structural safety and safe working environment in Bangladeshi RMG factories which is now known as
  • Abuse behind the closed doors of madrasas

    Jahid (not his real name), a nine-year-old boy from Mohammadpur of Magura district, was admitted to Panihata Hafizia madrasa by his father Abdul Aziz.