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  • When everything is black and white

    VOI is a minimalistic puzzle game that will drive you insane. There are 88 levels and on each, you are given a seemingly simple shape to recreate using other shapes.
  • Practicing our emotions

    A few weeks ago, I came across a podcast called “The Science of Happiness”. The host Dacher Keltner, a professor of psychology, brought in “happiness guinea pigs” in each episode, which were essentially people who shared their experiences after partaking in one of the practices that the website “Greater Good in Action” had in store.
  • An ode to potatoes

    I was inspired to write an ode to potatoes honestly because I am shaped like one. Being potato-shaped, however, is nothing to be ashamed of since when it comes to cooking, potatoes are one of the most versatile vegetables out there.
  • If famous meet cutes happened in Bangladesh

    For anyone confused about what exactly a meet cute is, it is a scene where the two leading characters of a romantic movie or TV show who are destined to be together, meet for the first time. Romantic comedies are never complete without an interesting meet cute, but what would change if these meet cutes happened in Bangladesh?
  • Real vs. Fake: Friends Edition

    People seem to have more plastic friends than there have been plastic World Cup fans this year and that says a lot about how much we truly value friendship.