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  • The Jump from A Levels to Admission Season

    Remember the good old days after O levels when everyone used to tell you about A levels being the hardest obstacle you'll need to go through in life? I can almost hear you laughing in pain, fellow university admission candidates.
  • Board-less games for when you're bored

    Get off your computers and spend some quality time with friends or family by playing some of these fun and easy games anytime, anywhere.
  • Of Kings and Madmen

    B: The Beginning is an anime I had started watching on a whim since it had no real summary, therefore I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I can now safely say I've found a (sort of) hidden gem.
  • Living Sustainably

    The same way your mom nags at you about cleaning your room or doing household chores because it's your house too, you have a responsibility to take care of planet Earth a little, because it's your planet, don't you think?
  • When everything is black and white

    VOI is a minimalistic puzzle game that will drive you insane. There are 88 levels and on each, you are given a seemingly simple shape to recreate using other shapes.