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    Have you ever tried meditation and thought it was completely useless? Or maybe you haven't even tried it because you think it doesn't work. I am here to change your mind.
  • Thoughts while in a changing room

    The library, the rooftop at night, your bathroom, your bed at 3 AM – all of these are great places for thinking. But the best place to overthink is, by far, the changing room.

    If any of you want to up your Instagram game, be it your stories or posts on your feed, the app “90s - Glitch VHS & Vaporwave Video Effects Editor” is what you need. It can be used to edit photos to make mini videos from 1-10 seconds and can also be used to edit actual videos.
  • For a healthy heart

    Is your heart hurting?
  • The ultimate Alice in Wonderland spin-off

    When you think of Alice in Wonderland, you think of crazy monarchs, tea parties, rabbits, and smiling cats. But in “Alice to Zouroku”, you think of existential crises, kids with superpowers, and an old man who loves giving a good scolding.