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  • The bad influence of influencers

    Bangladesh has recently seen an influx of social media influencers, making it one of the most up and coming career options for the youth.
  • Trends worth starting

    Trends have no positive outcomes other than the inflation of egos of the trend followers. Therefore, we should strive to start trends that are in the best interest of the people
  • Confessions of an online shopping addict

    My love for not leaving my bed coupled with my crippling social anxiety has made home delivery my number one go-to for any kind of purchase. Be it food, clothing, or beauty products, you can bet your hopefully-more-active-butt-than-mine that I won't be heading out to physically buy any of it.
  • How to make your gift seem thoughtful

    Let's face it, most us fail miserably when it comes to gift-giving. We think we know somebody until it comes down to finding the perfect object that encapsulates the very essence of them and their interests, all in the budget of BDT 500 because, of course, we're broke.

    I'm unfortunate enough to have been in a wide spectrum of zones: the dude zone, bro zone, even apu zone. If you think those are bad, I'm here to burst your bubble just as how mine crashed down upon me as I, a 19-year-old, was called by a new title recently: auntie.