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  • The Jump from A Levels to Admission Season

    Remember the good old days after O levels when everyone used to tell you about A levels being the hardest obstacle you'll need to go through in life? I can almost hear you laughing in pain, fellow university admission candidates.
  • The ultimate Alice in Wonderland spin-off

    When you think of Alice in Wonderland, you think of crazy monarchs, tea parties, rabbits, and smiling cats. But in “Alice to Zouroku”, you think of existential crises, kids with superpowers, and an old man who loves giving a good scolding.
  • Board-less games for when you're bored

    Get off your computers and spend some quality time with friends or family by playing some of these fun and easy games anytime, anywhere.
  • Of Kings and Madmen

    B: The Beginning is an anime I had started watching on a whim since it had no real summary, therefore I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I can now safely say I've found a (sort of) hidden gem.
  • Living Sustainably

    The same way your mom nags at you about cleaning your room or doing household chores because it's your house too, you have a responsibility to take care of planet Earth a little, because it's your planet, don't you think?