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    “It is my firm belief that I, Verico Moname, am a rational educated human being who doesn’t allow her life to be ruled or ruined by myths she heard about in her first grade Math class.”
  • The fast and the futuristic

    Dhaka, the world’s most densely populated city, has over 18 million people squirming inside a 306.4 square kilometre space. As anyone who lives or has been in this city knows, moving from one place to another isn’t easy, nor is it any fun.
  • The real morals behind Aesop's fables

    Multiple recorders, various interpretations by various people, and a group of thinkers known as Fabulists have kept alive the fables of a man known as Aesop.
  • Jewellery for the soul

    Politicians like Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton use jewellery to project a certain image, many brides in South Asian countries wear, or are made to wear...
  • This is how you become a good listener

    It's nice to be heard, and even nicer to be a good listener for a friend, at least for the friend. Many of us think we are good listeners, but in reality we are not. In fact, many of us are absolutely terrible listeners and don't even realise it. This problem can, however, be fixed.