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  • International days we need but don't have

    We have been recording history and special events for a long time now. Moreover, in the present age, it is far easier to celebrate new things, trends and days than it was before. However, there are still some things that need to be celebrated but unfortunately we don't have special days to celebrate them. Some of them are:
  • Lies my mother told me

    Parenting is hard and children not always lovable. To make this difficult job a little easier, mothers and fathers sometimes resort to little white lies. I've compiled a list of the lies we all probably heard at one point in our childhood:
  • Better excuses than “The dog ate my homework”

    Homework can be beneficial. It can teach you to take responsibility for your part in the education process, give you a chance to revise class material and can even help you learn time management.
  • Alternative Meanings of Economic Terms

    Instead of just money, rationing devices can be intensity and loudness of screams and how much sass you can show during a discussion that morphed into a debate that morphed into a full blown super-aggressive argument. Whoever screams the loudest is the person who is heard. Logic and reasoning doesn't matter if you aren't loud enough.