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  • Maisha Nazifa Kamal


    Pearls scattered on the floor, pictures are taped, My walls are painted blue, my nails are red.

    The window itself of the shop is beautiful. Lined by a sliver of golden, the stunning wide glass pane reflects me back.
  • Anime with random plots that you'll love

    Sometimes, even for an otaku, a brilliant psycho-thriller or a tearful shoujo anime gets boring. It's like eating the same banquet everyday and you are begging for a much simpler change of food. And the sunny changes might be the following animes:
  • Radio Hearts

    When did we end up with such radio hearts: A heart that only tunes to what it likes,
  • The Languages of the Internet

    There is a variety of languages which even seasoned linguists fail to comprehend. And these languages exist where everything exists. Yes, you guessed it right: the Internet.