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  • Maisha Nazifa Kamal

  • It Rains When I Write

    And so it finally rains, it finally rains when I write.
  • The Writer's Block-down

    Writer's block is something every writer goes through when they run out of inspiration. It's a disdainful feeling of being stumped and dissatisfied. And this takes a whole new toll on writers now that they are stuck at home.
  • About The Someone Else Has It Worse Card

    A lot of time we hear people consoling someone by reasoning that someone else has it worse and so you should just stay content with our lives. Parents, peers and even teachers at times use this card in various situations without assessing whether it's doing any good or not.
  • A Time for Reflection

    Secluded at our homes, we can take this time to reflect upon the things we might have missed thinking about when we were so engrossed in our daily lives.
  • Highlighter

    “Why can’t Eid stay a bit longer, Khala?” Mahira sulked afterwards while Jamila was wiping the table.