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  • Maisha Nazifa Kamal

  • Red Smoke

    I appear like red smoke, Annihilating your senses, smothering your gaze.
  • The types of examinees we meet in an exam hall

    There is one sad but mighty word in the dictionary of our daily lives though all that it does is tear up the pages of that dictionary: Exams. Sadly, all of us have to face this catastrophe once or twice or a thousand times in our lives. So brace yourselves for the odd encounters with the following people:
  • Under The City Lights

    Under the neon city lights I stand, Among the mass of people who never notice me.
  • How to survive humiliation in school

    Don't get me wrong. I'm sure you've never had any embarrassing experiences in your life, especially in school. I mean school is the most neutral, peaceful, and safe place in the world. So why would you ever have to go through humiliating situations there, right?
  • Feather-tales

    The wind will never whisper some stories, The stones will rather quietly bury them,