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    I have left out all the details,
  • Of Nostalgia and Childhood

    Devoid of any action, drama, mystery or a witty screenplay, Mirai, is an anime movie set with quite a plain storyline. However, it has one thing sprawling dexterously in every moment of the story and that is emotion.

    A frivolous bite of Hershey's, a handful of chocolate chips, an ample spoon of innocently melting ganache and then one day a stinging, nasty pain in the teeth.
  • Cat-A-Tonic

    “Meow,” I protested. But my tiny squeal of protest came to no avail as Anika handed me to a sullen-looking, lanky boy whose eyes were as tiny as my paws but certainly not as cute.
  • When you're single but your friends are not

    As Beyoncé says in her song “Single Ladies”, come my single lads and ladies, as I take you on a journey through the rants you suppress when your sweet friends abandon you and sail with someone else