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  • Maisha Nazifa Kamal

  • The Languages of the Internet

    There is a variety of languages which even seasoned linguists fail to comprehend. And these languages exist where everything exists. Yes, you guessed it right: the Internet.

    At this moment, it feels like I'm watching you from afar. Like through a hollow, dim tunnel that only sheds light over every detail of you.
  • The Metaphor

    It has been two years since I, a naive, aspiring soul, had applied for the post of the manager of this famous writer.
  • The Pianist

    Eyes closed, with a breath of ice, Her fingers glide upon the ivory keys.
  • Friends as Messaging Apps

    Messaging apps are what you use to stay connected with friends, but ironically, your friends can also be labelled as one of those messaging apps. Read along and then pick a friend for each category.