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  • M Jahirul Islam

  • Dr Rashid, a friend of Monpura people

    People in Bhola’s Monpura upazila, especially pregnant women, consider Dr Mahmudur Rashid to be a blessing.
  • Unscrupulous traders cut down, chambol, rain trees for use as fuel on Manpura island

    Trees felled to feed brick kiln

    Defying laws, some unscrupulous traders are cutting down trees to fuel a brick kiln in Manpura Island of Bhola, locals alleged.
  • Unplanned embankment poses threat to river

    The ongoing construction of an embankment on the Sandhya river in Barishal has sparked outrage among locals who believe the structure will damage the river crucial to their livelihoods.
  • Accident-prone roads

    Most of the Jhalakathi municipality roads have become dilapidated, causing suffering to the commuters.