Karim Waheed

‘European lives matter’: Ukraine coverage reveals Western media’s racist bias

“But this isn’t a place, with all due respect, like Iraq or Afghanistan, that has seen conflict raging for decades. This is a relatively civilized, relatively European -- I have to choose those words carefully, too -- city, one where you wouldn’t expect that, or hope that it’s going to happen.”

For Bangladesh, Kishwar has already won

Kishwar Chowdhury, the Aussie home cook of Bangladeshi origin, didn’t win the MasterChef Australia title. She placed third. But for us, Bangladeshis who have been closely following her rise and rise on arguably the most popular reality show on food, Kishwar has already won.

Forks over knives

Remember Galileo's story? In early 1600s, the scientist argued that ours is a sun-centred solar system and not an earth-centred one.

A global menace that spares no one

The world is seeing a rise of authoritarianism—in the form of populist regimes—threatening all those who defend social justice across countries and continents.

From the archives: Silence of the strings

Music was not just a passion to the self-taught guitarist, it was his sole profession, and fortune did not let him down either. The word “legend” is generously used to refer to celebrities nowadays but Ayub Bachchu was and remains a legend in the truest sense.

Blend in or stand out?

Ever wondered why the Scandinavian countries—Denmark, Norway and Sweden—top the World Happiness Report year after year? No? Well, I have. You kind of have to when your country stands 115th on this year's list.

Sympathy for a monster

I remember reading the story of Medusa when I was a child. It was a child-friendly, uncomplicated, good vs evil story.


Joseph Nye, American political scientist and cofounder of the international relations theory of neoliberalism, described 'soft power' as

Where is love?

Today is the day of love, or so the countless text messages promoting special dinner offers, teasers of romantic TV shows, and an advert for a very special date worth Tk 9++ lakh offered by a hotel (that soon went viral) tell us.

Workout for the homebody

You know what this column is called, and in keeping with that theme, let's go over some exercises you can do at home, without any

You're so vain

During a recent match, Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro—widely regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time—got kicked

Don't fall for fitness scams

One of the adages I strongly believe in is: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

Siem Reap—The city of stones

When it comes to Southeast Asia, tourist destinations popular among Bangladeshis are: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and after the initiation of visa on arrival, Indonesia (Bali, more or less). Vietnam is becoming somewhat popular in recent years. Cambodia and Laos, however, still don't see a sizeable number of Bangladeshi travellers. Surprising, because the former boasts Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world, attracting over two million foreign tourists per year.


What's more important to you? Pronunciation or the content of speech? What we value says more about us than the person we

"Bhalobashar Shohor"

Do you have 31 minutes? But 31 uninterrupted minutes of no distraction. Go to YouTube and watch “Bhalobashar Shohor” (City of Love).

I am happy today

Your radiance remains undimmed despite your physical absence. It remains in everyone who had the opportunity to know you, to befriend you, to love you. I am happy today, Ishrat Akhond. Happy to have had you as a friend and learn that happiness is a choice.

Wonder Woman saves DC Extended Universe

That heading is not an overstatement by any means. DC fans are still not over the disasters that were Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad as the onslaught of Marvel's tried and tested blockbuster formula continues.

You don't have to give up Carbs

Carbohydrates seem to have a bad rep. By eating more processed, less filling carbs, we're consuming way more calories than we need

Batmans come and go, Wolverine is forever

We gather here today to honour the memory of Logan [born James Howlett], better known as “Wolverine”. He breathed his last on screen at Star Cineplex, Dhaka on March 3, 2017.

Undo the damages of a desk-bound job

If I could, I'd take up manual labour but unfortunately, it doesn't pay well. If you're rolling your eyes, try to count the number of overweight people working on the streets you've come across.

Jump like a kid or a boxer

No, jumping rope [or skipping, as some call it] isn't only for little girls. If you've watched any movie about boxing, or have ever walked into a boxing gym, you'll know it's a staple in a boxer's conditioning programme. It's also what ended my cardio plateau.

La La Land: That Rare Musical I Didn’t Hate

I suppose that title needs clarification. I love music; I eat, breathe, sleep movies – just not characters breaking into a song and dance routine every 15/20 minutes [reason why I’m not a fan of the traditional Bollywood storytelling format]. I went to Blockbuster Cinemas at Jamuna Future Park hesitantly but with an open mind.

Opinion: Clickbait gone wrong [as it often does]

British online newspaper, The Independent, publishes article titled “The Muslim country congratulating ‘His Excellency’ Donald Trump” on November 10, 2016 referring to the letter from the Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to the US President-elect Donald Trump. This is a prime example of clickbait gone wrong. The main purpose was – in all likelihood – to come up with a sensational title that draws in readers who don’t know any better [which sadly is often the case on the internet].

Rediscovering Sahana Bajpaie

I have known Sahana Bajpaie as a Rabindra Sangeet singer extraordinaire. She did introduce a very contemporary,

I'm happy today because…

Are you happy? Are you content or happy? Do you know the difference between content and happy? If you can perceive the difference, how much does the distinction matter?

Berlin – Art Paradise

Right after I arrived in Berlin, on my way to the hotel, I asked my vivacious guide NihanSivridag, “Describe Berlin in a sentence.” In response, Nihan quoted Klaus Wowereit,former Mayor of Berlin: “Berlin is poor but sexy.”[“Poor”, according to European standards, of course.] Over the next few days, I tried to understand what she meant.

Ambitious music project to mark Nazrul's death anniversary

Kazi Nazrul Islam had witnessed and suffered socio-political chaos and tough times, which inspired some of his most rousing

Run, Dhaka, Run!

He is supposed to have run 150 miles to carry the news of the Persian landing at Marathon to Sparta in order to enlist help for the battle.

Tourism year: Time to get real

Lets contemplate a scenario. You notice hype building around "the largest pot of kacchi biryani" being cooked in your city. You come

Mad Max: Fury Road

If, like me, you too are over the super humans/aliens fighting epic CGI battles and need a break, “Mad Max: Fury Road” is THE movie you should watch. The last Mad Max film was released 30 years ago. For The Road Warrior's (likely) dwindling fanbase, it has been a long wait; long but rewarding.

What type are you?

One of the terms I LOATHE is 'cookie-cutter'. We're all unique snowflakes. Then why should our workout routines be the same?