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  • Forks over knives

    Remember Galileo's story? In early 1600s, the scientist argued that ours is a sun-centred solar system and not an earth-centred one.
  • A global menace that spares no one

    The world is seeing a rise of authoritarianism—in the form of populist regimes—threatening all those who defend social justice across countries and continents.
  • Legendary Singer Ayub Bachchu

    From the archives: Silence of the strings

    Music was not just a passion to the self-taught guitarist, it was his sole profession, and fortune did not let him down either. The word “legend” is generously used to refer to celebrities nowadays but Ayub Bachchu was and remains a legend in the truest sense.
  • Blend in or stand out?

    Ever wondered why the Scandinavian countries—Denmark, Norway and Sweden—top the World Happiness Report year after year? No? Well, I have. You kind of have to when your country stands 115th on this year's list.
  • Sympathy for a monster

    I remember reading the story of Medusa when I was a child. It was a child-friendly, uncomplicated, good vs evil story.