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  • Dear Parents, please stop fighting

    Ashraf jerked awake from the same recurring nightmare he has been having for quite some time now. He woke up to muffled raised voices in the middle of the night coming in from the next room.
  • How a girl should get ready

    From the beginning of time immemorial, it has been established that females take an exasperatingly long amount of time to get ready before venturing out.
  • Earning that Salami you deserve

    With Eid right around the corner and excitement brimming in everyone young and old, it sadly has lost a bit of its exuberant essence for those of us who are trying to adult. Eid gives us yet another example of how growing up is a horrible phenomenon. You know where I am getting at, don't you?
  • The Sims - Bangladeshi Edition

    Have you ever felt the need to feel omnipotent? Well, then you must have enjoyed or still enjoy (it's okay, we don't judge) the invincibility stature while playing this life simulation game, “The Sims”. I still remember the sheer power I used to feel surging through my veins as I controlled the lives of my Sims, influenced their moods, or drowned them in the pool because why not. While taking my final exam the other day, a brilliant question struck me. What if this game was set in Bangladesh?
  • How to deal with a quarter-life crisis?

    The worst mornings are when you wake up to an epiphany that a quarter of your life is done and dusted with.