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  • Fighting a different kind of war

    Being a millennial, finding the time and desire to indulge in the act of “simply doing nothing” is a grinding process. The Dutch have even coined a term for this luxury: “Niksen”, which, in plain English, translates to “enjoying idleness” and which, in plain reality, is an almost impossible task for Gen Y.
  • Privacy violations, the rise of Big Data and Orwell’s premonition

    In George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, the fictional omniscient entity “Big Brother” seemed like an absurd possibility even a decade back. For an all-knowing being to exist in a society that had access to a constant flow of information was not common in everyday narratives of the time.
  • Breaking the backbone of a nation

    Childhood recollections eventually start resembling the bright, vivid pages of a favourite storybook. We turn those pages someday,
  • Raising our boys to be good, healthy men

    “Boys will be boys.” This carefully constructed sentence consists of a mere collection of words. It dominates our dialogues, reflecting the mindset that governs our society, our homes and the misogynistic atmosphere that we breathe.
  • Keanu Reeves Wholesomeness personified

    The internet is an eccentric place. It can applaud a particular individual one sunny morning and rebuke another on the next, and both scenarios can get pretty obsessive to a certain extent. These days, it has decided to get a new boyfriend and the netizens are not only in agreement