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  • Raising our boys to be good, healthy men

    “Boys will be boys.” This carefully constructed sentence consists of a mere collection of words. It dominates our dialogues, reflecting the mindset that governs our society, our homes and the misogynistic atmosphere that we breathe.
  • Keanu Reeves Wholesomeness personified

    The internet is an eccentric place. It can applaud a particular individual one sunny morning and rebuke another on the next, and both scenarios can get pretty obsessive to a certain extent. These days, it has decided to get a new boyfriend and the netizens are not only in agreement
  • Producing the graduates of tomorrow

    Visualise a sunny convo-cation day—students beaming with pride and their four years of strenuous academic struggles finally summing up to them tossing their graduation caps as a symbolic gesture to commemorate the end of their undergraduate life.
  • Game of Thrones: An allegory or an escape?

    The word “Dracarys” has the power to burn entire cities to the ground with scathing dragon fire in HBO’s epic fantasy saga Game of Thrones. Even off-screen, the Valyrian term has had an impact on millions of fans around the globe.
  • Precious childhood lost in the streets

    Dhaka, a city of cacophony that reverberates from its belligerent streets which carry the clash of a million stories every day. Amidst cars honking, buses screeching, people cursing, vendors trading, the shuffling sound of pedestrians and the din of everyday life, the sound of a boy, begging for a few takas with his hand outstretched, gets muffled.