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  • Farhat Afzal

  • Exhibiting the New Spirit in Bangladeshi Architecture

    Four exhibitions in four different locations of the world, with one in Bangladesh, demonstrate the new vibrancy propelling architectural production and thinking in Bangladesh.
  • Cities are changing faster than you think

    When infrastructure for cities are built, they are built with the aim that they will sustain for at least three to four decades down the road. In the meantime, cities change in terms of technologies or service systems.
  • Scope of history in the land of rivers

    It is, of course, not an easy feat to understand the history of Bangladesh. Over the course of time, several factors have had influences on how history is perceived here. The strange geography and shifting political perimeters have constantly reshaped this region's art, culture, architecture and ways of living.
  • Humayun's Tomb

    The Timurid dynasty contributed to many radially symmetrical buildings—tombs and palaces—in many parts of Iran and Central Asia. However, before the construction of Emperor Humayun's tomb, no structure incorporated all these elements in a single monument .
  • British Colonial Architecture in Bengal

    This is why it is of greatest urgency now to preserve all old structures that are still standing today. These works should be documented as much as possible by historians who are researching on these regions.