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  • Developing your creative confidence

    We often don’t realise that self-deprecating behaviour leaves the most harmful impact on our creative thinking. Always worrying,

    Women in the past weren't prevalent in leadership roles, but today many women are breaking every glass ceiling imaginable.
  • The art of writing professional e-mails

    Emails aren't as informal as chats, or as formal as applications. Tread carefully along the lines to avoid red flags that can give off the wrong tone.
  • New year's resolutions for professionals

    At this point, we are all making new year's resolutions simply because we have to. We stand in our balconies on new year's eve, look at the fireworks, and then promise ourselves to lose 32 KGs, quit junk food and learn French in the coming year.
  • Apprenticeships and internships: What's right for me?

    When it comes to choosing between an apprenticeship or an internship, the factors to consider are very straightforward. Knowing how each of the two works should do 90% of the job. But when you have to choose between two similar positions, the choice becomes a little more difficult.