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  • The dark side of Dhaka's urbanisation

    Just over a decade ago, in 2008, almost half of the world's total population used to live in urban areas. This phenomenon has continued and is expected to gain further momentum in future.
  • From Elephants to Motor Cars

    Dhaka, the capital of present day Bangladesh, is supposedly a 400-year-old city, established by Islam Khan in the year 1608 or 1610, and has also been the capital of the Mughal Subah (province) of Bengal intermittently. The city started on the banks of the Buriganga and expanded along the river.
  • Islington Corinthians FC: The amateur football club that toured the world

    In 1932, Tom Smith, a local councillor and Rotarian, formerly chairman of Tufnell Park FC, from London, England, founded a football club named Islington Corinthians FC in order to raise money for local charities.
  • Mughal Dhaka and its river fortification system

    When the Mughals tried to establish their stronghold in this part of Bengal the worst enemy they faced, besides the indomitable Baro Bhuiyans (twelve landlords), were the calamitous nature and the riverine landscape. The streams of constantly shifting water pierced the land into parcels of various sizes and shapes.
  • Pogose School

    Armenians in Dhaka

    The Armenians most probably came to Bengal before any other European merchants and played an important part in the export-import business of not only Bengal but also the whole of India.