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  • Rose Garden: A history of passion and pride

    At Kamini Mohan (K.M.) Das Lane in Tikatuli of Old Dhaka, there lies a majestic mansion called “Rose Garden”. Interestingly, it was built to host parties by one of the prominent zamindars of Dhaka, named Hrishikesh Das. He built the Rose Garden in 1931 on a 22-bigha plot along with a famous garden that had various species of rare roses. Thus the compound earned the name “Rose Garden”. The central piece of the garden is the elegant building.
  • The curious case of bus routes in Dhaka

    Dhaka is probably one of the very few megacities in the world without any proper design or guideline for the operation and expansion of its public transport system.
  • Trails of Khan Jahan Ali

    The history and the political landscape of Bengal have been greatly determined by its geographical position, like that of many other countries of the world.
  • West meets East

    On June 3, 2019, the world of architecture lost one of its greatest designers and theorists, Stanley Tigerman. It is difficult to label the celebrated architect as a modernist or an early postmodernist; his works were wonderful fusion of modernism, technology, playfulness and pragmatic inventions.
  • Save Dewanbari before it’s too late

    Dewanbari is a beautiful historic site located at Aminbazar, Dhaka. Declared as a “heritage site” through a gazette notification on February 2, 2009, the complex is comprised of a palatial residence, a three-domed mosque, a pond and a graveyard.