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  • Deeparghya Dutta Barua


    It was a night in the year 2043, none of us owned flying cars or anything that the old-timers had predicted. If anything, the progress mankind had made were pointless 16K displays and small advances towards psychologically punitive justice.
  • The Fault in Our T-shirts

    There's one thing that doesn't require an introduction, the most booming business industry among college students. It's the college merchandise industry.
  • The World of Makoto Shinkai

    Makoto Shinkai, often dubbed as the new Miyazaki of Japanese animation, has put out a fair amount of work in his 20-year long career. Here's a review on the animator's career as he is possibly busy arranging more trains for his upcoming film.
  • Making a YouTube Rewind for Bangladesh

    YouTube Rewind 2018, undeniably one of those fewest things on the planet that pretty much brought every community on the internet together to show that hatred too can create great bonding experiences. What if YouTube's dumpster fire had a local spin-off? Here is a possible recipe for disaster.
  • Walking towards the edge of the planet

    Humans can embark on unrealistic measures to seek ways of validation at times. While there are a gazillion ways to be recognised in a respectable manner, I chose to sway with the opposite. Here I stand, as a changed man to share my story of guilt.