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  • Nuanced, Colourful and Memorable

    Star vs. the Forces of Evil, crudely abbreviated as SvtFoE, is the most recent major Disney show that met its conclusion last May after airing for four seasons. As regrettably cheesy as the name sounds, the show did hold a memorable place in Disney’s arsenal of mostly forgettable shows.
  • Saiki K Doing anime humour the right way

    The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. is a gag anime developed by J.C. Staff that ended last year after spanning two seasons and a special
  • swap()

    It has been raining for five days now. It would have been a cliché to start the narrative with rain but the layers of sparkling paint oozing through the unearthly atmosphere is a bit of a hiccup to get used to.
  • Petscop: The game that never existed

    With tons of content relating to conspiracy theories meandering through YouTube’s algorithm, one would be tired from binging through all the questionable and sometimes dubious stuff that float around your suggested videos.
  • Into the realm of Japanese indie music

    As opposed to the staggering popularity of anime and weird commercials, Japan has a fairly active indie music scene. While some of the artists might still be hard to access outside of Japan, artists that don't really abide by the conventions of major music labels have started to welcome the global audience.