Ayra Areeba Abid

Fashion does not need to be gendered

The relationship between fashion and gender is often set by society’s standards and not scientific facts.

Essential comfort food for winter

Even though everyone might have their own unique winter favourites, a few classics are always present.

What it really means to be a tutor

Even seasoned tutors face a lot of struggles from time to time, which is absolutely normal.

As I think about the insects

The time I clapped my hands to kill the bothersome mosquito, I began to ponder on life. 

Spending Eid without loved ones

Eid means joy and if that joy is gone, celebration feels pointless.

Refresh and rejuvenate with iftar drink recipes

Usually served cold, and preferably not Rooh Afza.

What is freedom to you?

"Freedom is synonymous to breathing."

Get rid of your fear of public speaking

A small guide on how to overcome the fear of public speaking.

Must toys be gendered?

Gendered toys have been a common stereotype for ages.

Get creative with pithas this winter

Pithas have always been a Bengali household favourite.

A letter to Eesa

As I write to you, I pray and hope that this letter reaches you in safe hands. Sadly, your Amma can only do that now. I’m sorry

Menstruating for the first time

People who never get prior education always end up panicking.

The link between art and mathematics

We need math and art to keep things sturdy, literally and metaphorically.

I Can Speak 5 Languages. Here’s How You Can, Too.

Find a way that amuses you and your progress will feel natural.


Hop on the train. Greet smiling and genial faces. No one is screaming, not even a baby. There is no sign of differences among the White, Brown and Black. There is no room for hatred and agony. Only love and peace resides in your utopia.

Fun Upcycling Projects to Try

Fun ways to adopting a zero-waste lifestyle.

Finding the Right Balance Between Academic and Social Life

Reconsider the times you spent an awful amount of time only studying. As a student, studying is essential, I agree. However, have people (especially Bangladeshi parents) stopped to think that life for the youth is so much more than “porashona”?

Humour as a Coping Mechanism. LOL.

"Laughter is the best medicine," they say.