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  • Ashutosh Sarkar

  • High Court

    Pay back loan or go to jail

    The High Court yesterday warned loan defaulters that if they fail to pay back money to People’s Leasing and Financial Services Ltd (PLFSL), they will be thrown into jail.
  • Pilkhana Mutiny Anniversary: Make probe reports public

    The family members of 2009 Pilkhana massacre victims say they are still in the dark about the reasons behind such a bloodshed and who masterminded the killing of so many people.
  • High Court

    Some Bangladesh Bank officials feed off scams

    The High Court yesterday came down heavily on a section of Bangladesh Bank officials over their alleged links with financial scams involving People’s Leasing and Financial Services Ltd (PLFSL), a non-bank financial institution.
  • DSA violations

    Digital Security Act: Misused to muzzle dissent

    Incarcerated for over nine months, writer Mushtaq Ahmed and cartoonist Ahmed Kishore were brought into the courtroom 11 days ago and produced before a judge.
  • court

    Attempted Attack on Hasina: HC upholds death penalties of 10 Huji men

    A High Court verdict yesterday said if perpetrators were successful in implementing their plan to blast two powerful bombs, weighing 76kg and 40kg respectively, in Gopalganj’s Kotalipara in July 2000, when Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was supposed to address a rally there, the incident would be similar to the August 15 massacre.