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  • Anupoma Joyeeta Joyee

    Anupoma Joyeeta Joyee is a perpetually sleepy Law student who emotionally identifies with ducks and occasionally sets out on writing sprees.

  • The Team

    Stormageddon is quite pissed at the boy. “What the heck is taking him so long?” he wants to yell into thin air but reserves himself at the last moment. Instead he makes a livid growling sound.
  • 7 days of summer: My traumatic retreat

    If you had seen what I saw in the span of 7 days, you'd be grateful for every little thing in your life that doesn't go wrong. With the curiosity and vigour of a youth who gets to go out of this wretched city after a year, I embarked on a trip with my father.
  • A millennial's tribute to Rabindra Sangeet

    Scientists are still trying to invent time machines. But it has been here for a while now, hidden in plain sight.
  • A dessert lover's no sugar diet experiment

    I have embarked on the greatest journey of self-discovery to date. If I were given the opportunity to have free brownies for life in ...
  • Gifted: Tale of Unlikely Friendships

    Gifted is a heart-warming chronicle of ordinary relationships that face extraordinary ups and downs. The story itself is not one in a million, but the person it's about is.