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  • WOMEN IN SCIENCE: Is Bangladesh ahead of the West?

    If you are worried about the dearth of women in science in Bangladesh, think again. There are more girls studying science than you
  • Tourism gone wild

    Despite all these constraints—inadequate and poor quality public transports, extended travel time, high-priced but low quality accommodation, lack of recreational facilities—the number of domestic tourists has gone up significantly over the years.
  • Opinion: How to kill tourism

    It is extremely sad that the natural forest of Jaflong is disappearing fast due to dumping of stone illegally excavated from the Dawki and Sari rivers by a group of unscrupulous traders. As a result, tourism in this scenic hill station, home to subtropical mountains, rainforests, tea gardens and the Khasia ethnic group is on the decline. This is a classic example of how mismanagement, lack of a strategy and enforcement of law are killing the tourism sector in Bangladesh.
  • Opinion: The neglected story of road crashes

    Yet in another bizarre incident on the road, eight people were killed in Khagrachari as a stone-laden truck rammed a crowd that had gathered outside a Buddhist monastery to attend a funeral of a monk. Who is the culprit this time?
  • We shall overcome

    While the public often views the Liberation War and the Language Movement as the apex of protest music in Bangladesh the use of