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  • Unwind with Meme Rewind 2020

    What'd we do without memes in 2020? Socialise? Connect with our family?
  • TENET: Another Perfect Nolan Flick

    From dark set pieces to a bizarre time concept, Tenet can be most enjoyed in cinema halls.
  • Flash games you can still enjoy

    No high-powered PC, no PS4. Just your dad’s dusty old laptop. With nothing to do tonight, you take that 512 MB computer, and look up flash games on Internet Explorer.
  • What to do with our O and A Levels

    Covid-19 is one of the biggest crises faced by modern civilisation. It has affected multiple things including travel, social relations and most of all, the world economy.

    Video games is the biggest form of popular culture in our generation. Most video games we play are based off fictional stories or real life events that take place in a foreign land, usually where the game is developed, like the US, Japan, or maybe Europe. This got me thinking, what if there were games like this but based in Bangladesh? How would they be, and what would we call them?