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  • Pir who speaks textbook language

    Pir (variant spelling: Peer) is purely a subcontinent concept that has etymological root in Persian language. In English, the word can be translated into saint or more specifically, holy man.
  • Musical versus Dance-drama

    More than once I have written in this column that Bangla theatre lacks musicals though we have a reasonably long tradition of dance-drama introduced by Rabindranath Thakur.
  • Shouts of applause

    I am not talking about any common shouts of applause that we often come across in any political meet or in any mesmerizing performance by a performing maestro—it's the youth I am talking
  • Only a woman can cope and go down singing

    When we think of Beckett's theatre, the images that come to mind are bodies in pain, immobilised, paralysed, trapped or incomplete, observed William McEvoy in an online
  • Luigi Pirandello

    Luigi Pirandello is not a very familiar name among our mainstream theater practitioners, for as far as my memory goes, none of his plays have been translated and staged in Bangladesh so far.