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  • A Poet and an Astrologer

    Percy Bysshe Shelley, in his A Defence of Poetry, written in 1821, most famously declared poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.
  • Poushmela 1425 in Shantiniketan

    Shantiniketan Poushmela

    Merry Christmas (belated though!), and a very happy new year to all! I finished my year (2018) with a polemical trip to Shantiniketan Pouhsmela—my first ever.
  • Translating Man of La Mancha

    In one of my recent write ups in this column I made a promise (perhaps more to myself than to my readers) to translate Man of La Mancha, a very successful Broadway musical production of the present time.
  • English plays in Dhaka city

    At the very outset let me spell out what I mean by English plays. By the phrase I do not mean plays written by English playwrights in English language nor do I mean Bangla translations of English plays performed in Dhaka city. What I mean is: plays written and performed in English language in Dhaka city – beginning from the British rule until now.
  • Muktijudhdho and I

    Muktijudhdho(Liberation War), like innumerable Bangladeshis, is a revelation of amour to me. At the very outset I have a plain confession to make—I am not a certified Freedom Fighter.