Abdullah Al Nayeem

Onion prices up by Tk 20 per kg, garlic Tk 80 in a week

Garlic, ginger and onion prices soared in the capital throughout last week as traders fear that China may not resume business operations after its Lunar New Year break is over.

They’ve made their intent clear: Tabith

BNP mayor candidate for Dhaka North City Corporation Tabith Awal yesterday said the ruling Awami League activists have made their stance clear that they are going to occupy the polling centres to manipulate votes.

Don’t let your vote be stolen: Tabith

BNP mayor candidate for Dhaka North City Corporation Tabith Awal yesterday called upon voters to cast their votes without fear, and stand against irregularities on polls day.

Straight from the farm to buyers

It is not often that residents of the city have the chance to buy fresh vegetables directly from growers, but that is all set to change.

No respite from soaring onion price

There seems to be no stopping the spiralling prices of onion. Each kg of the essential spice was sold for Tk 240-260 in the capital yesterday and the prices kept rising by the hour.

Onion price hits the roof; Tk 180 a kg

Onion price has hit a record high with each kg selling for Tk 180 and above yesterday evening, a day after Industries Minister Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun said the prices were under control.

Baira mired in chaos?

Feud among the top brass of Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (Baira) has apparently turned toxic -- something that became obvious at a meeting yesterday.

Vegetables becoming dearer

Spices and vegetables have become significantly pricier over the last one week largely due to inundated farmlands.

Prices of egg, spices rising

Prices of eggs, one of the main sources of protein, have been rising for the last couple of weeks.

Prices of most essentials stable

Ramadan has been a little different this time. Unlike the previous years, prices of most of the essential commodities have remained stable so far, except for fish, red meat and fruits.

Hike In Essentials Prices: Crooked traders out to cash in on Ramadan

Despite a government promise that price of essentials would not rise before Ramadan, a section of unscrupulous wholesalers and retailers have yet again begun charging people more for those.

LDA to join election

Left Democratic Alliance (LDA) yesterday formally announced of taking part in the 11th parliamentary polls.

The ball now in PM's court

Leftist parties in talks with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina last night demanded that parliament be dissolved and the election be held under a neutral caretaker government.

Can't take action

Right before the general election, some political parties and nomination seekers have begun pasting posters on the city's walls, defying a law prohibiting such acts.

Spices, Onion, Garlic: Supply adequate yet prices go up

Despite having adequate supplies, retail prices of some spices and essentials have gone up in city markets ahead of Eid-ul-Azha.

An opportunity yet to be seized

Countless efforts and numerous unsuccessful experiments for over five years. In the end, they all proved rewarding when Dr Mubarak Ahmad Khan realised he has finally struck the right chord. Since 2010, the noted scientist had been trying to invent a biodegradable polymer from jute fibre. Success came in late 2015.

Childhood in shackles

Seven-year-old Mim Akhter collects shrimp fry with her fishing net in the strong current of the Baleshwar river in Bagerhat's Sharankhola upazila almost every day.

Advance Tickets for Eid: Poor sales for fear of delays on highways

The first day of the sale of advance bus tickets for Eid holidays went rather quiet yesterday with many apparently opting for rail, waterways, and air, fearing traffic would be terrible on the highways.

Turning towards turkeys

Growing up next to a hatchery, Bablu Chowdhury, a resident of Dhaka's Savar upazila, aspired to one day own a hatchery of his own.

The questions go unanswered

“... What did we do wrong? ... What did my husband and daughter do [to deserve this]? Could you all please tell me?”

Deadliest in decade

The year 2017 was the deadliest for the workers, as at least 426 of them died at 321 workplace accidents across the country -- the highest in a single year compared to the number of deaths in the last 10 years, according to a report disclosed yesterday.

Veg prices soaring

Picking up a bitter gourd at Karwan Bazar Kitchen Market, Ahammad Hossain asked the seller for its price. Upon hearing the reply, Ahammad's face instantly fell.

Nightmare on ferries

It was a journey Rafiqul Islam Nasir and his family members were not prepared to make on their return to the capital from Eid vacation at their hometown in Bagerhat.

Kitchen market stable ahead of Eid

The prices of essentials at the capital's major markets were steady compared to the previous week, much to the relief of city dwellers gearing up for Eid.

In celebratory mood

The journey has not been easy for Sumiya Kazi Nipa.


An upscale rooftop restaurant in the capital's Uttara has put up a sign banning foreign citizens, giving in to the landlord's pressure.

Meals get pricier in a week

Rising prices of some essentials, including rice, sugar and vegetables, are hitting consumers hard, especially those in low and fixed income groups.

No permanent solution yet

The city dwellers welcomed the Dhaka South City Corporation's (DSCC) initiative to keep footpaths free from hawkers for safe walking, but the “sudden eviction drive” brought trouble to many hawkers.

Shiny happy faces they are now

Asha Moni has seen a lot even though she is just 12. When she was six years old, her grandmother brought her to Dhaka from Dinajpur and made her work as a domestic help in a flat.

Making children smile

When Mostakur Rahman Alim and Sarower Nimmy saw pus-like liquid oozing out of their daughter Elma's ear four years ago,

Smart NID card breeds excitement

Sonia Akhter was over the moon the moment she got the smart NID card for the first time in life.