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  • Abdul Mannan

    Former VC, Chittagong University

  • The Return of the Hope

    On January 10, 1972, the man whom his people lovingly called Bangabandhu, friend of Bengal, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, returned to Dhaka on a chilly and windy late afternoon from London, via New Delhi, to be welcomed by hundreds and thousands of people.
  • Bangabandhu Sheikh Muibur Rahman

    The voice of revolution

    March of 1971 is a historic month for us because beginning March 1, the course of history of one Pakistan changed very fast. In the first general election of Pakistan since it was created in 1947, the Awami League (AL) led by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman won 167 seats out of 169 constituencies of East Pakistan (seven reserved seats for women), of a total 300 seats in the National Parliament of Pakistan.
  • Achieving our higher education targets

    That there has been a revolution of growth, expansion, and reach of higher education in Bangladesh is a reality. This is no longer a matter of debate, but a matter to reckon with.
  • The conspiracy behind the assassination of Bangabandhu

    Political assassinations and military coups need long preparation, careful planning and execution. The involvement of a few insiders and the support of foreign powers make things easier.
  • Sharing the grief of a mother

    Availability of proper healthcare is a birthright of all human beings. However, many countries of the world, including Bangladesh, deny this right to their citizens or international patients.