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  • Olokkhi

    Spilled tea over expensive emerald tablecloths,
  • Why we should care about #BlackLivesMatter

    It's remarkable that the concept of racism, something many of us don't face directly, managed to infuriate us to this extent. It's important for many different reasons, and one of them is how this serves as a point of reflection.
  • The Pressure to be Productive

    Parents are raising hell as their kids run on different time zones, teachers are urging students to finish up inhumane amounts of assignments, and the internet is filling up with more “things to do during quarantine” articles than the fake WhatsApp news that our parents thrive on.
  • My Newfound Appreciation for Life at Home

    I’ve been in the same outfit for days now, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This oversized and worn in t-shirt has seen me on my best and worst days, and offered comfort on both.
  • The Women's Movement in Bangladesh Throughout the Years

    Over three decades ago, in 1988, March 8 was first observed in Bangladesh as International Women’s Day. The women’s movement has always been deeply rooted in this society.