Habib talks about creativity, music, his likes and dislikes

Would you believe that the famous Bangladeshi musician Habib Wahid’s main revenue from his music comes from mobile phone ringtones?

In a country where the conventional music industry has almost died due to piracy of CDs, a handful of popular stars like Habib Wahid have tried to redefine the market in order to survive.

For Habib, redefining the market is crucial—because he says, he has to keep his soul happy by making music; because his soul wants to make music.

In this interview with Star Live, the pop icon explains that if a musician makes enough money—he or she can experiment with a lot of music. According to him, the telephone companies are the biggest source of income for musicians.

In this insightful interview Habib talks about how he makes his music, how he tries to reciprocate with the expectation of his audience, the music market, music for the movies, his passion and many other aspects.

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