New video of Brussels airport suspect

The "man in the hat" shown walking in Brussels after the attack. Photo: BBC

Belgian prosecutors have released new footage of the key surviving Brussels airport attacks suspect, showing the route he took after leaving the area.

They have asked members of the public who saw the man to come forward.

The man was tracked on CCTV footage until 09:50 local time and was wearing a hat and a light-coloured jacket, officials said.

They said he discarded the jacket, and asked the public to report if it had been found.

The 22 March attacks by so-called Islamic State (IS) on Brussels airport and a metro station killed 32 people.

Three attackers are believed to have targeted the airport, with two dying in the bomb blasts.

Prosecutors asked for those who "might have filmed or taken a photograph of the suspect" or believe they have any useful information, to call 0800 30 300 (in Belgium) or 003225544488 (from abroad).


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