All arts should be included in the curriculum

Education is supposed to be the systematic doorway to achieving conscious growth as a human being. Of all the things our current educational system takes into account, the arts are always kept on the sidelines as an extracurricular activity.

The pressure of exams and getting good grades seldom leave time and energy for children to practice any art form. As most parents are more focused on the academic results of their children, they try to use any extra time for academic subjects as well. This leaves us with a whole generation of children deprived of ever making an attempt to become experts in any form of art, other than the occasional mandatory painting classes at school.

Therefore, music, sculpting, dancing, drawing, and poetry should all be included into the curriculum for the well-rounded mental growth of our students.


কীভাবে শত কোটি টাকার বাজেট এখন লাখো কোটি টাকা

বাজেট কী? দেশের আয়-ব্যয় নির্বাহ এবং উন্নয়ন ব্যয়ের টাকার জোগান দিতে বাজেটের প্রচলন শুরু হলো কবে থেকে?