22h ago| Editorial

Women nation-builders are modern-day heroes

We must create an enabling environment for all women and girls

1d ago| Editorial

The most vulnerable must benefit from govt's safety net programmes

For that, the list of beneficiaries needs to be updated and accurate.

1d ago| Editorial

Closure of unregistered hospitals: Knee-jerk reaction not the answer

DGHS needs a realistic plan to bring unauthorised hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres under regulation.

6d ago| In Focus

Remembering Rammohun Roy

It is now commonplace to call Rammohun Roy the ‘Father of Modern India’; it is much less common to understand or appreciate the historical and ideological content and context of this modernity.

1w ago| In Focus

Raja Rammohun Roy: An Autobiographical Sketch

In conformity with the wish, you have frequently expressed, that I should give you an outline of my life, I have now the pleasure to give you the following very brief sketch:-

1w ago| In Focus

Floral economy of Bengal

During the Mughal period, gardens were a ubiquitous element of the city landscape. Dhaka, once capital of the Bengal Subah, was no exception, and the names of some areas of the city such as Shahbag...