6h ago| Editorial

When opinions become culpable

Jhumon has been in jail for the last six months. Police showed him arrested and produced him before a Sunamganj court on March 17, after which he was sent to jail. He has been there since then,...

1d ago| Editorial

Only a fully functional law can make our roads safe

It is extremely disappointing to note the ever-increasing chaos in our road transport sector.

1d ago| Editorial

Delay in setting up RT-PCR labs at airport

These labs are desperately needed by the between 30,000 and 50,000 migrant workers, who have been stranded here and unable to go back to work in the UAE for months. This is due to the fact that, on...

1w ago| In Focus

Bangladesh's new data protection act: brittle shield or blunt sword?

The Government of Bangladesh is drafting a data protection and localisation law (“draft data protection act, DPA” or “the law”), which, once enacted, will be the first of its kind data privacy law...

2w ago| In Focus

Dispute settlement mechanism under the UNCLOS 1982

The Law of the Sea dispute settlement mechanism is an area of great academic, economic, and political interest where the relationship between public and private law is in full evolution and...

3w ago| In Focus

Early Barristers from East Bengal

The failed Indian rebellion of 1857 also led to the ‘demise’ of the rapacious East India Company (EIC) in 1858, when political power was transferred to the crown-in-parliament in England with the...