1d ago| Editorial

Female returnee migrants deserve a respectable life

Words are not enough to express our frustration about the way our female returnee migrant workers are being treated by their families and

1d ago| Editorial

How hard is it for two ministries to get along?

The instruction to unify the two offices first came from the prime minister in 2010.

2d ago| Editorial

Concentrate on producing vaccines locally

According to Dr Firdausi Qadri, winner of this year’s Ramon Magsaysay Award, Bangladesh needs to attain self-sufficiency in vaccine supply

Resolving the Rohingya crisis: What can Bangladesh do?

When the Rohingyas in Myanmar’s Rakhine State were facing a brutal military crackdown in late August, 2017 and found the doors of neighbouring countries closed -- Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had...

2d ago| In Focus

Battle Ground Baliadanga- A milestone in our liberation war

September 20, 1971, is an unforgettable day in the liberation war of Bangladesh. On this day, 17 freedom fighters laid down their lives in the sodden battleground at Baliadanga, Satkhira. During...

2w ago| In Focus

SM Sultan: An early portrait

These are the facts of Sultan’s life that have significance for the study of his paintings. He spent his boyhood in the villages of Bengal.

3w ago| In Focus

Syud Hossain and his times

Scion of an illustrious family, Syud Hossain was born in Armanitola, Dhaka in 1888. His great great grandfather was Mir Ashraf Ali, whose great grandson,