The symbol of love and a mansion in ruins in Barisal

Located only 12 kilometres off the Barisal city, Durga Sagar is the largest pond in the southwestern region of the country.

In 1780, Raja Shib Narayan Rai dug a 46-acre massive pond as a symbol of love for his wife Rani Durgaboti. Legend has it that back then people were facing acute drinking water crisis in the area.

Rani Durgaboti asked the king to find a solution and this pond was built in response.

The ancient pond is now surrounded by lush green trees while there is an artificial island in the middle. The pond attracts many migratory birds during the winter.

About 5km away from Durga Sagar is another heritage site that should not be missed: The Lakutia Zamindar Bari.

Located at the village Lakutia, this magnificent relic of a Zamindar house was built by Rupchondro Ray in the early British regime. The building was modified and expanded by his grandson Rajchondro Ray.

The main part of this two storied building is still standing today. But with more than 300years of decay taking a toll on the structure, one probably cannot enter the building.

Apart from the main building, the premise has several Shiva temples in a row at the western side.

The premise is currently owned by the Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC). 


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